In looking at the illustrious history of Epsilon Eta Omega Chapter, there are several women whom have served as president of the Chapter and carried out the mission of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. It has been because of their commitment, determination, loyalty, and devotion to the Sorority that the chapter has been able to reach new heights and accomplish many goals.

 Epsilon Eta Omega Presidents

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2001-2002: Debra Dee Hornaday

2003-2006: April Scott-Goss

2007-2010: Sherry Brackens

2011-2014: Juanita Dawson

2015-2016: Endy Farrow

2017-2018: Diana Rigueur

2019.2020: Andrena Dancer

2021-2022: April Scott-Goss

1971-1972: Wilhelmina Greene*

1973-1976: Joann (Waters) Koeller

1977-1978: Marie Betty (Selden,Stewart) Shelton

1979-1980: Endy L. Farrow

1981-1982: Hurlan (Lankford) Mounday 

1983-1984: Vivian P. Scott*

1985-1986: Cecelia Hale

1987-1988: Maxine Marshall 

1989-1990: Willie (Tymony) Clemmons* 

1991-1992: Marilyn Miller* 

1993-1994: Joann (Waters) Koeller 

1995-1996: Patricia Jones

1997-1998: Audrey Jordan*

1999-2000: Jessie (Henry) Thomas